Competing Social Tribes at Events – Episode 67

We address the sensitive topic of what gets priority in the limited time we have at a technical events. Your regular hosts are joined by Nick Howell while at NetApp Insight in Las Vegas.

We dig into:

  • Event performance pressurenick-howell-netapp-insight-2014
  • Spend time with your internal coworkers or external influences?
  • How to prevent “holier than thou” syndrome
  • Being respected as unicorns
  • Understanding those who have no interest in being a unicorn
  • How what you show online is all people see of you
  • The developing of impressions
  • Facebook-feed view of someone’s life
  • Judgement of colleagues through social
  • Modifying behavior on both sides of a relationship
  • The continued importance of face-to-face contact
  • No social media removes the power of face-to-face
  • Showing more than your caricature online
  • Responsibilities along with the rights of a social presence
  • Better understanding of social show flow to benefit both business and community building
  • Being inspired to speak out against FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt)
  • Becoming an Organic Evangelist
  • Giving “it” a name
  • Remembering Influence Marketing is legitimate — no need to blush
  • Not apologizing for relationship building in a way that pure sales would understand

Many thanks to Nick who can be found easily online:


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