Localized Community on vBrownBag with vBrisket at VMworld 2015: Ep 95

Welcome back to another episode of the Geek Whisperers! While we were live at VMworld 2015, we jumped on the vBrownBag stage and discussing localized community with the vBrisket guys.

You may recognize their handy work around the Pittsburgh area and for throwing a great event at VMworld 2015. They also have incredible style, personified by Amy Lewis’ vBrisket apron.

We’re joined by two of the co-founders of vBrisket: Jaison Bailley and John Brescia. These two, along with Gabe MaentzClint Wyckoff and Mike Colson, have found a niche within their local community that mixes delicious BBQ and career lessons learned. We discuss their story:

  • Started by winning a 3D printer and turned into a BBQ smoker
  • Why VMUG and vBeers organizations didn’t cut it in Pittsburg
  • Going full bore into a project and seeing what comes out
  • The off-the-wall idea that stuck
  • Starts with peer-to-peer accountability
  • Grown into vendor agnostic communications
  • How to get the word out to local community and how word of mouth still works
  • Keeping the pool of users small and passionate
  • What lead Jaison, John and others to get involved here?
  • Is there room for selective, artisanal communities in Enterprise IT?
  • How to communicate upfront with vendors in Enterprise IT
  • The power of secondary markets
  • Valuing name recognition as a Marketing effort
  • How learning and mentorship is involved in the program
  • Remembering to let others commit to the community: don’t do it for them
  • Recognizing the power of your existing community
  • Recognize your ability to help others remain accountable and grow the community

To learn more about these programs:

A big thank you to the vBrownBag crew, vBrisket gang and everyone at VMworld! See you at SpiceWorld 2015!

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