Navel Gazing as a Service

Episode 31: A Navel Gaze-y Year In Review Extravaganza!

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Navel Gazing as a Service

What can you expect when Andy Banta and Gabriel “Bacon is King” Chapman are on Geek Whisperers? Whatever you conclude, heed Andy’s words:

“Allow us to dash your expectations”

This last episode of our first year is not one to be missed! We ask:

  • What are our personal origins in social media?
  • Was John really around at the beginning of Social Media?
  • Is Gabriel known as anything other than @Bacon_is_King?
  • Will Amy lightsaber off Matt’s hand?
  • Have any of us learned anything in this year of podcasting?

And we make some predictions. Because why not.


Thank you all for listening — we’re looking forward to a brand new year just around the corner.